Who am I?

Hi again, I am here because a few years ago I decided to study graphic design and most recently I decided to do it again as a way to update and reinforce my knowledge.

As you may know graphic design is changing every day and with the help of a rapid advance on technologies and the input of millions of people it has become an everyday challenge. This is the reason I decided to study graphic design again. I guess I will need to continue studying it in order to keep up to date. However history shows us a path to all of those bases and theories that were established and from where we build our newest development even if they are in contrast or opposing what previously were rules or we are in disagree.

Nowadays we have the possibility to keep connected via social networks and that empower us to learn from each other and perhaps even to gain experience faster. But sometime the information is so broad that it would require us to become experts in each area to really digest it and might not even be true. Luckily we can support each other and try to condense the most important elements of a learning experience into something more accessible and source trustful with history as a source to verify that the information is real as it is the grounding base of the information of today.

I also believe both from a graphic design and from a music point of view that expressing yourself is important but it needs to be done in a way that you feel natural and on my experience it happens when you are relaxed and perhaps with friends that share more or less same likeness. So expression for me is being able to be who you are without fearing to be dome or judge. That sparks creativity.
In other words do research, express yourself and be confident about it knowing that there is always room for improving. We do not know all but together we know more.