A new art site?

Well, the reality of this site and main purpose, is lead you through a brief history, concepts and names of the most renowned associated artist from abstract expressionism, Swiss style, pop art and psychedelia’s over the last 50 years. Within this site you will find a collection of links and references to books that I really encourage you to review and please let me know if there are others you would recommend. At the moment this is a university assignment for learning web design as part of my graphic design studies, however I think there is room for further developing and expand its content. Perhaps you would like to help me on this. The idea is to use a character that will represent each art style and it would be great to add the applications or input that each style have over graphic design. This site may serve as a medium to build or add to a community of art students, artist or people in general interested in arts. I would really love to hear from you.